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1 resource A collection of checklists ensuring safe and thorough pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight procedures.

Private and Commercial Maneuvers Guide for Cessna 172N: The Ultimate Guide

Web Tools

2 resources A collection of web-based tools created to assist with flight planning, navigation, weather tracking, and more.

Chat GPT Text Background Remover

FAA Knowledge Code Extractor


2 resources Explore add-ons and extensions specifically designed to enhance your aviation teaching and learning experience.

Chat GPT Text Background Remover

FAA Knowledge Code Extractor

Advisory Circulars

4 resources Advisory Circulars (ACs) are published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to clarify legal positions, or provide specific information. Pilots should familiarize themselves with ACs because familiarization is expected during exams, and ACs provide a lot valuable information during and long after training.

Advisory Circular 61-65H: Certification Guidelines for Pilots and Instructors

Advisory Circular 60-22: Navigating Aeronautical Decision Making

AC 43-9C: Maintenance Records—The Essentials 🛠️✈️

AC 00-45H: Aviation Weather Services—The Quick Rundown 🌦️✈️

CFI Lesson Plans

2 resources Comprehensive lesson plans crafted to guide aspiring pilots through their training journey

FOI - Human Behavior & Effective Communication Summary

FOI - Assessment & Critique Summary

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