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Advisory Circular 61-65H: Certification Guidelines for Pilots and Instructors


Advisory Circular 61-65H serves as the FAA's comprehensive guide for the certification of pilots, flight instructors, and ground instructors. It covers everything from eligibility requirements to the specifics of various endorsements. It's an essential read for anyone in the aviation industry looking to get certified or to certify others.

Advisory Circular 61-65H is an indispensable guide provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to help pilots, flight instructors, and ground instructors navigate the complex certification process. Let's dive into what this document entails and why it's crucial for anyone involved in aviation training or looking to earn their wings.

What is Advisory Circular 61-65H?

This Advisory Circular (AC) is basically your handbook for understanding the certification process. Whether you're a student pilot looking to get certified, an aspiring flight instructor, or an already-certified instructor wanting to get updated on the latest regulations, this guide has you covered. It delves into:

  • Eligibility Criteria: Who can apply for which certificate and what the prerequisites are.
  • The Certification Process: Step-by-step guidance on how to get certified.
  • Endorsements: Explanation of various endorsements you may need for specific flight operations.

Why is 61-65H Important?

The process of becoming a certified pilot or instructor is fraught with intricate details that you can't afford to get wrong. Errors can result in delayed certifications, financial costs, and even legal issues. AC 61-65H provides a clear, authoritative source of information to avoid such pitfalls.

Practical Applications

AC 61-65H is loaded with actionable guidance, such as:

  1. Sample Endorsements: The AC includes examples of written endorsements for different types of flight operations, which can be a lifesaver for new flight instructors.
  2. Checklists: Detailed checklists for prerequisites needed for various types of certificates.
  3. Regulatory References: The document cites specific Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) relevant to the certification process, helping you stay in compliance.
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