Marcus Gollahon
Marcus Gollahon
Marcus Gollahon

Marcus Gollahon

Airline Pilot at SkyWest Charter, blends flight expertise with a passion for teaching and coding. Committed to aviation excellence and innovative education.

37 posts

Comprehensive Aeromedical Lesson Plan for CFIs: A Complete Guide

Aircraft Weight and Balance Google Sheets Spreadsheet

Part 61 Overview: Key Requirements for Private Pilots

Instrument Regulations Overview: A Guide to 14 CFR Parts 61 and 91

CFI - ASEL Lesson Plans - Tim Morgan Edition

Flight Kneeboard Notes

A Special Thanks to My Fellow Aviators - Exclusive Offer Inside 🛩️

Uninvited Guests in the Sky: The Rising Challenge of Drone Incursions at Major Sporting Events

Navigating the Skies of Mental Health: The Next Frontier for Flight Instructors

The Unspoken Key to Mastering Landings 🛬

Let's Talk Mistakes: Why Your Worst Landing Can Be Your Best Lesson 🛬

National Airspace System Quick Study Guide

Unpublished Holds Worksheet: Your Essential Guide for Mastering Hold Entries

Simplify Your Flight Training with the Logbook Endorsements Quick Reference Guide

Master Your CFI-A Checkride with Our Required and Special Emphasis Areas Guide

Ace Your Test with the Commercial Maneuvers Quick Reference: ASEL Altitudes, Airspeeds, and Tolerances

Essential Commercial Pilot Logbook Checklist: A Quick Guide to 61.129

Your Go-To Private Pilot Checkride Checklist: A Quick Guide to 61.109

Simplify Your Aircraft Rental Experience with My Customizable Template

TOLD (Takeoff and Landing Distance) Card - Word Doc

Private and Commercial Maneuvers Guide for Cessna 172N: The Ultimate Guide

Chat GPT Text Background Remover

FOI - Human Behavior & Effective Communication Summary

FOI - Assessment & Critique Summary

Level Up Your Flight Training

Hi, I'm Marcus. I offer comprehensive flight instruction resources backed by years of experience and effective teaching methods. Cut through the noise and learn what really matters

Marcus Gollahon

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