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About me

About me
About me

Who Am I?

Hey there! You may know me as Marcus, the flight instructor from Texas, but there's more to my story, and I'm thrilled to share it with you. Grab a seat, and let's take this journey together.

A Few Things About Me

  • From Classroom to Cockpit: Transitioned from teaching science to guiding pilots, blending education with aviation expertise.
  • Persistent Instructor: Weathered the storm of a global pandemic, never losing sight of my aviation dreams.
  • Resilient Instructor: Even during tough times, my passion for aviation never waned.
  • Texan at Heart: Born and raised in Texas, where my love for flying took flight.

My Journey From Teacher to Aviator

You might be wondering how I went from a science teacher to a flight instructor. Well, it's a fascinating journey, and it all started with a spark - a love for flying that I just couldn't ignore.

2012 - 2018: My Teaching Years

For 6 exciting years, I was the guy explaining atoms, reactions, and the wonders of science to bright-eyed students. Those were fun times, but I started to feel a tug towards something new.

2018 - 2020: Taking Off

I took the plunge and dived headfirst into aviation. Part 141 Flight school, certifications, the works! And you know what? I loved every single minute of it. Teaching people to fly became my new love.

2020 - 2022: Grounded by COVID

The world changed, and the aviation industry took a hit. No more flight instructor jobs, so I returned to teaching science. It was a twist I never saw coming, but I embraced the challenge.

2022 - Now: Up in the Air

When the skies opened up again, I was ready. Back to flight instruction, back to what I love, with even more passion and gratitude. From that moment, I knew I found my place. I've been sharing the sky with student pilots, helping them reach their dreams, and learning something new every day. And the best part? I'm having the time of my life doing it.

So, What's Next for Us?

If you're as passionate about flying as I am or curious about the world of aviation, stick around. My website is filled with resources, tips, and the joys of flying. Whether you're here to learn, teach, or just chat about aviation, you're in the right place.

Level Up Your Flight Training

Hi, I'm Marcus. I offer comprehensive flight instruction resources backed by years of experience and effective teaching methods. Cut through the noise and learn what really matters

Marcus Gollahon

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