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AC 00-45H: Aviation Weather Services—The Quick Rundown 🌦️✈️

AC 00-45H: Aviation Weather Services—The Quick Rundown 🌦️✈️
Photo by NOAA / Unsplash

What Is AC 00-45H?

Advisory Circular 00-45H is an FAA publication that serves as the ultimate guide to understanding aviation weather services in the United States. It covers everything from deciphering METARs and TAFs to interpreting radar and satellite images. It's like the weather bible for aviators!

Why Should Pilots Care?

For pilots, weather isn't just a small talk topic; it's a critical safety concern. The better you understand the weather, the safer and more efficient your flights will be. AC 00-45H gives you the tools to interpret and apply weather data effectively, making it a must-read for anyone who sets foot in a cockpit.

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Marcus Gollahon

Marcus Gollahon

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