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AC 43-9C: Maintenance Records—The Essentials 🛠️✈️

What Is AC 43-9C?

Advisory Circular 43-9C, published by the FAA, is the definitive guide on maintenance records for aircraft. It outlines the required documentation, what details should be included, and how to maintain these records effectively. Think of it as your rulebook for keeping your aircraft in tip-top shape, at least on paper!

Why Should Pilots Care?

Well-maintained records aren't just a bureaucratic requirement; they're a safety essential. These records provide a historical snapshot of your aircraft's health, which can be crucial for troubleshooting issues and ensuring safe flight operations. Neglected or incomplete maintenance records can lead to overlooked mechanical problems, jeopardizing safety. AC 43-9C shows you how to keep these records diligently, making your life—and flights—much safer.

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Marcus Gollahon

Marcus Gollahon

Airline Pilot at SkyWest Charter, blends flight expertise with a passion for teaching and coding. Committed to aviation excellence and innovative education.

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Marcus Gollahon

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